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The Long-Term Impacts of Zoom

In Dec. 2019, Zoom hosted 10 million daily meetings. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, that number shot up to 300 million daily meetings in April of 2020. (source:

One professional silver lining of the coronavirus era is the higher comfort level most people have with video chats. Board meetings, new business pitches, customer relations, and internal collaboration have all successfully been done using video conference calls. At CLUTCH, we think this will result in a higher comfort level with livestream videos. Perhaps 2021 is the year customers and employees alike get excited about livestreaming their experiences with favorite brands?

As we all increase our comfort level of meeting new people via video chats, we are also increasing our reliance on platforms like LinkedIn… where we can get a quick background and bio of the people we are about to chat with. LinkedIn has always been an important business networks platform, but we believe now is the right time to invest in a smart, goal-driven LinkedIn strategy. Are you using LinkedIn to best connect with partners and customers?


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