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Opportunity Knocks

Competence Drives Confidence 

When AgroLiquid, a well-established agriculture inputs company expanded its portfolio to include new products with tremendous market potential, they turned to CLUTCH to help them ensure the results they needed to achieve.

Our first consideration was the client’s internal team. Did they have confidence in the product? In how they and their distribution partners could sell the product? In how their end customers would benefit from the product? We knew that the internal team could be overwhelmed with the expanded portfolio of solutions, so we had to shorten the runway to be effective. With this in mind, our primary goal was to align internal and retail partners on the larger portfolio and its benefits to customers.

Tapping into our learning and development team, CLUTCH created a training program that centered on answering key questions the reps had / would have and building confidence in the entire portfolio of products. By investing in the internal and retail teams extensively, we were essentially creating brand ambassadors who had already earned the trust of the end customer. We armed different points of customer contact with consistent and comprehensive understanding of how different products worked so the end-user customers received a consistent experience.

The results made it clear. New and established representatives, for both the company and their retailer partners, are getting up to speed much quicker thanks to the training program and sales results for these focused products continue to increase.

Are you building a portfolio of brands or products, or do you have an established one that needs new energy? CLUTCH can help prioritize and synthesize your portfolio and go-to-market approach for maximum effectiveness.


CLUTCH is a hybrid consultancy and agency focused on helping B2B businesses find and realize their peak potential. As business acceleration experts, everything the firm does is designed to drive the growth of revenue and opportunity. The firm combines a mix of strategic consulting, marketing communications and lead generation, and learning and development services to consistently produce business results for clients.

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