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How Context Changes the Picture

Have you ever looked at a data point and thought “that can’t be right.” Context, when it comes to data, is critical in telling the real story. Take for instance this statistic from a Brick Meets Click/Mercatus study, and the data that backs it up:

  • Online grocery sales shrank 10% in April.

  • Brick_Meets_Click-April_2021_online_grocery_sales-chart.png

If we just look at the last two far right bars on the above graph, the statistic is factually correct. And it may make some people in the food retail segment worry. But it’s far from the whole story. Balancing context with data points is crucial in understanding what’s really happening. While it’s true that there were fewer people ordering groceries online in April versus March, those that were placing orders were doing so more often – a testament to increased customer engagement, and likely indicating a change in purchasing habits among a segment of the audience. This is a classic example of how practical experience and market knowledge can provide real insights to statistical facts and data points, which is critical to utilizing them for marketing and business success in any organization.


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