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Meet a CLUTCH Player

Meet Chris Strohmeyer

At CLUTCH, we approach work with the creative and business needs of our clients top of mind. We have folks on both the marketing and business consulting side to ensure we meet those needs and achieve the goals and objectives our clients have established. However, accomplishing these things would be nearly impossible without organization and process, and someone who can bring both of those things into practice. Insert Chris Strohmeyer.

With over 20 years of integrated agency and client-side experience, Chris has quarterbacked thousands of projects – from strategic to executional. From simple to complex. Her most recent experience includes managing creative and production services at a Minneapolis-based agency. While there, she helped restructure the agency to streamline the workflow process, and was instrumental in driving change related to resourcing, estimating, budgeting, efficiency and more.

As a natural problem solver, Chris uses her creative skills paired with her strategic and analytical skills to ensure the CLUTCH team gets work done both effectively and efficiently. Because at the end of the day, what matters most to Chris is that we see results and produce work our clients and team can be proud of. In her eyes, if we do the job well, everyone will be happy. And that results in long-lasting partnerships that are enjoyable, educational and at times, exciting.

Chris is the epitome of what it means to be a team player. She places significant importance around the idea that we’re all in it together. We celebrate learnings, successes and everything in-between as a team. Often, she puts herself in a client’s shoes to determine if the solutions we’ve come up with are the best available or if we need to keep exploring other options until we’ve hit the nail on the head. Internally, she’s viewed as the engine that makes us all run. For our clients, she’s the reason a balanced approach comes so naturally.


CLUTCH is a hybrid consultancy and agency focused on helping B2B businesses find and realize their peak potential. As business acceleration experts, everything the firm does is designed to drive the growth of revenue and opportunity. The firm combines a mix of strategic consulting, marketing communications and lead generation, and learning and development services to consistently produce business results for clients.

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