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CLUTCH Celebrates National Entrepreneur’s Day and Honors Clients with Same Mindset

Minneapolis Hybrid Agency and Consultancy Embraces Founder’s Entrepreneurial Spirit to Build, Overcome and Grow

Minneapolis, Minn. (November 16, 2021) Buried in the calendar, National Entrepreneur’s Day is a day worth celebrating for one of the Twin Cities’ newest marketing companies. On the verge of marking its fifth year in business, CLUTCH continues to achieve year-over-year growth. It comes as no surprise to CLUTCH President + Founder, Troy Schroeder.

“Our team is full of people who want to create opportunity for our clients each and every day,” Schroeder explains. “We are constantly immersing ourselves in our clients’ businesses and using our many years of experience in food and agriculture to recognize when and how to help them navigate toward increased growth. That kind of forward-thinking is pretty unique with an agency or consulting partner, and we’re setting our clients up for long-term success.”

Schroeder’s entrepreneurial spirit is contagious but is grounded in his upbringing. A third-generation entrepreneur, he grew up watching his grandfather and father start and run an outdoor power equipment dealership and service station. In fact, Schroeder was surrounded by entrepreneurs in his hometown of Medford, Wis.

“It’s a small town, but the home of several entrepreneurs who started national companies, like Tombstone Pizza, Weathershield Windows and Hurd Millwork,” says Schroeder. “I’ve never been afraid of working hard to see your vision through, and I think that’s a reflection of the community I was surrounded by growing up.”

CLUTCH began as an incubator project within a Minneapolis agency to diversify revenue streams, but Schroeder jumped at the chance to spin it out as an independent company in 2017. His vision was to disrupt the predictable agency scene with a unique combination of agency creativity and consultancy business smarts for agriculture and food business teams across the country. And his vision is now bringing detailed clarity to brand marketing teams around the country. In fact, the steady increase in CLUTCH clientele has largely come from word-of-mouth referrals.

“We tend to work with clients who are themselves entrepreneurs – in spirit anyways,” says Schroeder. “Some may not have started a company, but they are responsible for growing products, brands and sales, despite many obstacles that exist in today’s marketplace. Understanding their mindset, their drive and their passion for results helps us build a trusting, transparent partner-minded relationship with our clients. And in return, a good portion of our business comes as referral work, which is something we take a lot of pride in. It speaks volumes about the way we work and the quality results we achieve for our clients.”

Located in the Highlight Center in northeast Minneapolis, CLUTCH sits in the middle of a community that reflects the entrepreneurial spirit that drives the business forward. There are microbreweries, art galleries, food establishments and startups that have all been built by people with a vision. It serves as a reminder to the entire CLUTCH team, including Schroeder, that success often doesn’t come to those who adhere to the status quo.

“We’re here to do things differently,” says Schroeder. “We’re looking at marketing and sales through the same lens our clients do. Almost every one of us has been on the client side before, so we know what they expect of professional service providers and the types of experiences they typically have – the good and the bad. That perspective leads to smart solutions that create opportunity and get results. And that is the calling card of every great entrepreneur.”

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CLUTCH is a consultancy-agency hybrid focused on helping B2B businesses and organizations create opportunity. As business acceleration experts, everything the firm does is designed to drive growth by consistently combining creativity and business acumen to generate results. The firm provides a mix of strategic consulting, marketing communications, and learning and development services to produce go-to-market success for clients. Focus industries include agriculture, food, construction and building materials. For more information visit

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