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An Inside Look at CLUTCH

It’s been a busy time at CLUTCH, with a lot of internal growth, partners deep in 2022 planning and a return to more “windshield time” as travel opportunities resume to enable us to go where we need to be to best serve our clients and their customers.

The autumn season started out with a couple affirmations of the skills and talents of the growing CLUTCH team. Claire Strohmeyer, previously a CLUTCH summer creative intern, joined the team on a full-time basis as a Design + Project Management Specialist on October 1. The recent Gustavus Adolphus College graduate is already applying what she learned in earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art as the newest member of the CLUTCH design team, including work on creative projects like websites, presentations and promotional pieces.

Recently, we learned of the announcement of CLUTCH Client Success Specialist Shannon Werstein’s National Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow (ACT) awards for writing, design and public relations work as a student at the University of Minnesota. The May 2021 graduate earned first place in the National ACT short feature story writing, advertisement design and design and layout categories and netted second place in the PR campaign group award category. Shannon joined the CLUTCH team in June 2021 and has rapidly grown into her client success role, including social media strategy and execution.

The change of the season also ushered in a return to “normal” in a big component of our work at CLUTCH. With travel opportunities resuming since the pandemic, we’ve been able to get a lot of “windshield time” by car and plane to get into the field and visit our clients across the country. CLUTCH team members have been able to get facetime with our partners on their turf. It’s a massively important part of our work, forging and steeling relationships with our partners in food and agriculture and continuing to gather first-hand insights from the field. Such road trips help us stay aligned with what we can do to optimize our clients’ success in achieving their objectives. We’re looking forward to the coming year when we’ll take a “have wheels, will travel” approach to getting our boots in the dirt alongside our clients.

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