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The Rising Importance of Alignment

Need more proof of the rising importance of alignment between food and ag companies and their consumers? The results of the recent CLUTCH Food + Ag Connections Survey show the whole value chain is already aligning, whether companies are acting to take part in the movement or not. The survey collected input from numerous food companies around the country and indicated:

  • 84% of food companies say strong connections across the entire supply chain are beneficial to themselves and their industry partners
  • 73% of food companies say they feel more connected to their agricultural partners than three years ago
  • 65% say stronger industry connections will improve overall supply chain visibility
  • 54% say sustainability goals are accomplished more easily through stronger industry connections
  • 46% say a better-connected food and ag sector will create greater supply chain transparency

Where is progress lacking? Marketing decisions and driving innovation are two areas where food companies say the most work is needed via a more aligned supply chain.

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