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Staying on Top of Consumer Trends

Consumer trends are always changing. And it’s our job to not only stay on top of those trends but also determine what they mean to our clients in the food and agriculture sectors.

One of the consumer trends that has gained major steam in recent years is brands sharing the story of how their food is produced. Consumers want to see those stories for multiple reasons ranging from food safety to validation of efforts to buy sustainably raised and processed products. The emerging consumer desires are causing food companies to develop closer relationships with their partners in agriculture and in the process, create new opportunities to demonstrate things like environmental stewardship that consumers increasingly value.

But that’s not as easy a process as it sounds. It’s sometimes difficult given the fact food company leaders don’t always have the agricultural knowledge to forge the necessary connections. That’s where CLUTCH can step in and help food and ag companies align so as they evolve together in the future, and tell resonant, genuine stories that will help them connect with consumers in all the right ways.

“I think the food system continues to get closer and closer together, whether it is sustainability or looking for healthier food. Consumer trends from a lifestyle perspective are driving more interest in things that impact the farmer. It drives retailers and manufacturers to look further up their value chains,” Miller said. “In the past, it’s been fairly simplistic — making a commitment to sustainability or local sourcing — but as time passes, more companies are getting interested in connecting more genuinely and connecting to agriculture whether that’s how the product is  produced, who’s producing it — to differentiate their food business versus competitors.”

As companies take steps like these to align with consumer demand, Miller added it becomes increasingly important to identify the easiest ways to capitalize on the strengthening connections across the industry, an area where CLUTCH has carved an exclusive niche with its unique collective experience and skillset. The ultimate goal is to drive deeper connections and alignment between both food and ag companies, as well as between food companies and their consumers.

“We have the business experience and understand the challenges food and agriculture companies face with core customers,” he said. “We understand the whole business ecosystem and can help craft strategies to meet evolving needs and create necessary alignment in the value chain. Our perspective helps us point companies to opportunities to build more mutually beneficial relationships or tell a better story of their roles in the value chain to best align with all other members of the food and ag system.”

How can you evolve your business to stay aligned with the full value chain? If you have questions on that, let’s talk.

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