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A Note from Troy

The Value of Combining the Long and Short Games

We often talk with our clients about the importance of considering both near- and long-term business goals in setting their strategies. But I’m not sure we always take the time to dive deep into explaining the real value of using both the long and short games in concert with one another to drive success. With the start of the new year comes a new commitment to better explaining our perspectives, and I’m excited to start with this one.

First, let’s define the long and short games I’m referencing. The long game is basically your overall reputation and position in the marketplace – in other words, how will your company brand, your product brands and your team bring overarching value to your business over time? The long game impacts multiple functions and is the tide that raises all boats.

The short game is all the actions and executions to meet key performance indicators and drive traction in the market – like product launches and promotions, marketing campaigns or sales activations. While the long game is more constant, the short game tends to have peaks and valleys because it’s difficult for any tactic to sustain impact beyond the specific period of its use.

And that’s where the CLUTCH perspective can provide unique value. Our understanding of business goals helps us look at the long game, set strategies to achieve those cross-function big-picture objectives, and pave the path to the future state. Our collective agency and sales backgrounds help bring forward unique and breakthrough approaches to short-term challenges and opportunities, which together build progressions of success on the way to those long-term goals. And without the progressive short-game wins that build momentum and success and provide a springboard for more of it, the long-term goals may appear nearly impossible to achieve and results may fall short of major milestones.

We’re focusing this entire issue of Art + Acumen on using both the long and short games to build success for our clients. We are firm believers in the value of both, and how each can help the other be more impactful. If you like what you read and have some long or short challenges facing you in 2022, we’d love to have a conversation with you to see how we might be able to help.

Graph titled "Combining the Power of Short- and Long-Term Effects to Improve Brand Performance. Y-axis labeled "Incremental Sales" showing the combination of Sales Activation and Brand-building to increase overall Incremental Sales. The x-axis is captioned with "Growth from both sales activation and brand-building activities. Growth from scale-up of always-on sales activation activity is difficult to sustain. Brand-building activities remain more constant over time, creating sustained impact in the marketplace."
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