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Art + Acumen Issue 6: Combining The Short + Long Game For Business Success

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The Value of Combining the Long and Short Games

We often talk with our clients about the importance of considering both near- and long-term business goals in setting their strategies. But I’m not sure we always take the time to dive deep into explaining the real value of using both the long and short games in concert with one another to drive success. With the start of the new year comes a new commitment to better explaining our perspectives, and I’m excited to start with this one.

Building a Brand for Long-Term Reputation and Success

Balance. It’s a concept we’re always working to define and achieve in our daily lives and in business. Our client partner, Grow West, has focused on finding balance in long- and short-game initiatives, with this balance driving sustained equity in the brand as well as immediate business growth.

Five Ways to Make Your New Product Launch a Success

A product’s life cycle can generally be determined in its first year. Have you achieved quick adoption, strong awareness and value among customers? More times than not, that means you’re on your way to a long and dynamic life cycle. But if that first year is really focused solely on the specific launch with maybe just a small emphasis on ongoing sales or marketing support, that product may be looking at disappointing results.

Meet Vanessa Hellermann

As a Director of Client Success at CLUTCH, Vanessa Hellermann is required to understand both the long and short games for her clients. Never one to underestimate the complexities of her clients’ business, Vanessa takes a deep dive to learn the customers, products, challenges and goals of her clients so she can help drive meaningful results.

The Value of Reputation in Sales

According to Corporate Compliance Insights, a company’s reputation is estimated to account for 20% to 30% of its value. And in B2B businesses, it’s estimated that 90% of companies will only buy from companies they trust.

Here’s what’s new…

  • We are excited to welcome Paula Sonnabend! Paula started with us in early January as a senior manager and will be supporting our CLUTCH Catalyst consulting team.
  • This month, CLUTCH celebrates our five-year anniversary. Knowing that only 50% of new companies last their first five years, we want to thank our clients and recognize the team that has gotten us this far. We’re looking forward to another bright and successful five years (and more)!
  • The Best of NAMA awarded CLUTCH seven first place and four merit awards across several regions for work on behalf of our clients. Congrats to our clients AdvanSixAgrian by TELUS AgricultureFoundation for Food & Agriculture ResearchGrow West®Heartland AG SystemsPhibro Ethanol and Raven Industries for sharing these wins with us, and as always, we are grateful for your partnership.
  • New year, new hires! We’re growing again and are looking for talented and passionate people to join CLUTCH. Find our job openings here and reach out to any of our team members with questions.

What to Expect in the Next Issue

  • In the next issue of Art + Acumen, we’ll focus on sales activation work, and how to best align with and support one of the most critical departments on your team.
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