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Opportunity Knocks

Building a Brand for Long-Term Reputation and Success

Balance. It’s a concept we’re always working to define and achieve in our daily lives and in business. Our client partner, Grow West, has focused on finding balance in long- and short-game initiatives, with this balance driving sustained equity in the brand as well as immediate business growth.

A family-owned ag retail business in northern California, Grow West acquired a number of smaller retailers over the years but kept all of the former companies’ brands in place. In other words, their strategy had been a “house of brands” approach. But as consolidation continued to make competitors and customers more complex, the company paid serious attention to research that showed moving to one brand across the overall business would improve the opportunity going forward.

Company leaders made a strategic decision to invest in a new brand that would create differentiation in the marketplace and enable them to get credit for everything they do for their customers, communities, region and employees. In 2019, CLUTCH worked closely with Grow West to build the brand in a way that articulated a strong position for the future. The new Grow West brand brought all of its divisions, services, locations and most importantly, people, together under shared values and a common purpose of moving California agriculture forward. Operating under the belief that “our people are our company,” Grow West brought employees from across the organization in on the creation and expression of the brand identity and worked with CLUTCH to create alignment and make it real for them, their customers and communities through internal communications and external marketing and sales initiatives.

Investing in their brand, their position and ultimately their reputation has not only helped set up Grow West for long-term success but it’s also helped the company’s short game. Customer belief in Grow West’s people and comprehensive offerings has helped shorten the sales cycle. We work with Grow West to identify key opportunities across their divisions and services and deploy specific sales activation flights throughout the year to drive revenue and continue to build equity in the brand overall. We’ve also seen a return on the brand investment in recruiting. Potential employees know what the company stands for, which plays an important role in short-term growth for the company while building a community of people who can continue to move it forward well into the future.

While a brand launch requires focused strategy and execution up front, ongoing execution and evaluation is critical to ensure the investment continues to pay off. Grow West knows they need to stay ahead and adapt as the market evolves to remain relevant, so we work closely together to continuously adjust plans, projects and investments. We measure growth across four core pillars: Knowledge, Connection, Innovation and Community. As we adjust plans, we evaluate where initiatives fit within and across these core pillars to ensure we stay true to the brand strategy and advance business goals. The company continues to grow in sales, brand awareness and reputation, and its ongoing commitment to finding balance in the long and short game plays a key role in this success.

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