Making the Most of Opportunity

The CLUTCH process of creating opportunity for food and agriculture businesses starts with our hybrid perspective to the 6-Ps — product, promotion, price, place, people, potential — and ends with partners actively embracing opportunity by leveraging our category-specific business expertise and creativity. Here are just a few stories that demonstrate how CLUTCH’s combination of Art + Acumen enables partners to maximize results and capitalize on opportunity.

Transforming technology features into tangible ROI benefits

With the mounting number of technological solutions available to farmers today, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. But as technology features are increasingly becoming a deciding factor in farm equipment purchases, it becomes critical to show how those advancements can impact a farm’s bottom line. Bringing that tangible story to life and connecting product features to real business benefits is a challenge that CLUTCH is eager to help navigate.

Building preference for food ingredients in competitive markets

Soy has a long history in American’s diets but has primarily been an under-the-radar ingredient for decades. While it’s the most widely used vegetable oil, and its protein has long been favored by food makers for functionality and health, food companies have increasingly looked to alternative ingredients in recent years. This has made it critical for the soy industry to protect its reputation and demonstrate its relevance to today’s market trends. CLUTCH brought our knowledge and experience across the full food value chain, from farmer to food business customer to consumer, to create new opportunities for soy throughout the food sector.

Carving out a competitive edge for independent ag retailers

Independent ag retailers continually face stiff competition from larger national or global conglomerates can capitalize on economies of scale. This can potentially create an anything-but-level playing field making it tough to compete for business, but these regionally-focused players have deep knowledge of their geographies and the local connections and focus to stand out. Plus, the health and vitality of independent ag retailers is crucial to rural communities across the country. By creating alignment across strategy and sales activation, we’re able to help them maintain a strong foothold in their markets and continue to grow their businesses.

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